Friday, August 24, 2012

Countdown to Survivor: Poetry!

blood on the microphone...

The countdown is on to the strangest performance poetry contest ever staged.  As part of The Press Christchurch Writers Festival 2012, Catalyst presents a unique blend of gladiatorial spoken word, quick wits and survival of the fittest - Survivor!

Friday 31st August, 8pm
Small Geo Dome
Hagley Park (Armagh St entrance)
$10 tickets, bar available

Ten poets find themselves stranded on stage in front of a live audience with just their guts, wits and the hope of surviving a series of spontaneous challenges to compete for the chance to be crowned Survivor Poet 2012. The castaway poets must also survive the sometimes unfair and unpredictable voting by their peers or achieve immunity through the power of their poetry.

Stay tuned for scenes from the poetic tribal council and find out who will be sent to Exile Island and who will find the hidden immunity idol. Joined by cameo performances from your host, Ciaran Fox, and the judges, Doc Drumheller, David Eggleton and Bernadette Hall.

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