Friday, September 20, 2019

Christchurch Poetry Slam 2019 - The Rules

Here are the official rules of the Christchurch Poetry Slam as per the NZ Poetry Slam.
Sign-up is on the night only - places are limited to 12 participants so get there early.

Rules for NZ Poetry Slam

  • 3 minutes or less with no minimum time (10 second grace period before points deduction)

  • Time starts when poet speaks, however while poets can have time to settle and adjust microphone etc, this time is not limitless; ideally a poet should start before 10 seconds.

  • Original (i.e. your own) poems only

  • No props no music no costumes (i.e. clothing related to the content of your poem)

  • In the case of a tie a slam-off will be required

  • Random draw, for performance order.
Judging and scoring:

  • 5 Audience Judges (chosen by MC and/or organiser) display score cards 0-10 (Decimal points allowed)

  • Top and bottom scores drop off and total of remaining 3 scores is the total

  • If Poet goes over grace period MC or Timekeeper to ask scorer to mark down points after the judges score… (Half a point penalty for every 10 seconds over time)

  • After 4 minutes the MC can shut down the poet

  • 'Sacrificial Poet' (non-competing) to start the night, to help calibrate scores.

  • Slams are equally about writing, performance and audience response.

  • Slammers should have at least 3 poems, as there will be three rounds for the Regionals and NZ Slam
As always, remember: the point is the poetry not the points!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Catalyst volume 16 CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS deadline 1st April!

We're pleased to announce that Catalyst is accepting submissions for our next volume, number 16.

The deadline is 1st April and we encourage all submitters to read our submission guidelines. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be considered.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all our subscribers and submitters for supporting the journal over its first fifteen years in print. Here's to fifteen more (and if you haven't yet subscribed maybe head on over to our subscriptions page to find out more - might make a great gift too! 😉)