Friday, March 31, 2006

Brrrr here comes winter - quick! huddle 'round our volcano...

Well sadly we've waved goodbye to our summer season of readings (cue big sighs) but fret not! We now have our winter series planned to warm the cockles (whatever they are) of your heart.

Live Poetry lives on at the Wunderbar!

Catalyst is unabashedly pleased to announce the timetable for our chilly season of poetry open mic readings - here's the formula (take notes, there'll be a test):

Live Poetry!
LAST Thursday of every month at the Wunderbar, Lyttelton 8pm SHARP!

And guess what? Sometime in July or August we'll be repeating the fabulously successful Poetry Idol competition. Wanna see poets beat each other about the head with similies? Maybe you just wanna make 'em cry? Then Poetry Idol is your bag, baby... stay tuned!

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