Friday, August 04, 2006

Poetry Idol - brought to you by the letter R!

Ricky roared and (w)riggled into the audience's favour while Rosemary relied on regaling the audience with the 'vibe'.

Round Two is complete and while we always say to expect the unexpected, no-one foresaw the two poet head-to-head that we had last night.

Round One on Thursday 27th July was a bustling affair with nearly a full entry card and some pretty fierce action. Eventually the audience's favourite was revealed and Rebecca Reider became the first finalist to add her name to the golden list for the Grand Final.

Round Two as mentioned was a strange one as a small but vocal audience watched just two poets vie for the next place on the list. Rosemary Scott and Ricky Madibela went head to head while the supportive audience cheered them on. So on a night where no-one went home without a prize, Ricky Madibela was the winner and the next poet to go through to the Grand Final on August 31, while Rosemary vowed revenge and stating her intent to re-enter the next round - look out!

Is there something about the letter R?

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