Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sub-Real Urban Myths - Live Storytelling/Music

A.J. Coyle returns with more mythology from the male psyche. On tour in October, appearing at the Dunedin Fringe Festival and a special hometown show at the Harbourlight Theatre in Lyttelton on Sunday 8th October, 8pm.

Story telling and live music at the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2006. SUBREAL URBAN MYTHS is a collaboration between writer and story tellerAndrew Coyle, and the "Discontent" band assembled by younger brother James Coyle. Possesion, ambition, fear / fearlessness, intuition and Power are the generators of 5 male characters in Andrews latest creation for SUBREAL URBAN MYTHS.

"They are stories from under the surface of true life, concentrating on control and personality crystalised in any given thought or gesture, action or reaction" says Andrew citing influences such as David Lynch and William Burroughs in his subreallist storytelling, a concept for live performances he has been working on for four years. The Subreal element is born from improvisations adjacent to the narrative. "Living and writing in Christchurch means I can walk the streets in mystories, pulling out images and faces, tones and feelings." Perfoming with a full live band will embellish and challenge the moods and tone of Andrew's stories, "The intracacies of the sound-track will be improvised, at one moment building to a gut wrenching driving and dissonant industrial ambition and the next moment resolving with a simplistic groove based urban rapture."

The "Discontent" Band are seven Wellington musicians involved in numerous other projects, and are coming together for this event in Dunedin. SUBREAL URBAN MYTHS will be performed over three nights at three differentvenues.

Tues Oct 3rd, at Backstage Bar, 9.30pm
Wed Oct 4th, at Arc Cafe, 9.30pm
Thur Oct 5th, at Refuel, 10.30pm
Sun Oct 8th, at Harbourlight Theatre, Lyttelton, 8pm
All shows will be $7 unwgaed, $10 waged.

Discontent Band Members, and other projects:
Hamish Cardwell (the Night Show)
Willy McClennen (the Night Show)
Ryan Prebble (Spartacus R, Safari, Fly my Pretties, the Ascension Band)
James Coyle (Hikoikoi Reserve, Safari)
Michael Kane (Spartacus R)

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