Friday, May 25, 2007

Next Open Mic

Thursday 5th July

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since 2003

The rumours are true! It's the return of Unkle Travelling Kez and he means to shake up your winter lethargy with a veritable green curry of poetry. Come one, come all!

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David &amp Heather said...

A great night in such a cool venue.
We traveled from Timaru to what we did not expect and were wonderfully rewarded.
Various poets of various sizes/genres who performed their work well.
The com par, well, what can one say.
It is a shame that the WunderBar will not be the venue for the next open mic night.
Well worth the "trip".
Is there any way to keep the venue???

Will see you all again at the next night, where ever that will be, (kay cera cera)