Monday, January 24, 2011

Re-Mind the Gap

I've been meaning to post about this for ages but well, you know Christmas and all that.

From 25th November to 5th December last year, these wonderful peeps pulled together a rag tag bunch of friends, artists, favours and sponsors to make something wonderful happen among the rubble of earthquake-rattled Christchurch.

Gap Filler was the resulting creation and like our own little urban 'field of dreams' - they built it and we came.

For more info on what the-? Gap Filler actually is, make the jump and for a page with more photos of some of the cool stuff that happened see here.

Poets took over the Gap for 3 afternoons on the weekends of this run, under the heading 'Poetry in the Gap' we came, we performed, we drank a lot of wine in the sun. A big thank you to Micah Timona Ferris for herding cats (poets) and making it all come together. A few poets even managed to sell a book or two. Here's some images of it all in action.

Happy New Year btw.

Barry Southam

Helen Back

Teoti Jardine

Ben Brown

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