Monday, August 08, 2011

Poetry for Pudding returns!

The rumours of their demise having been very much exaggerated - Poetry for Pudding rides again!
Recommencing at UBS (University Bookshop) on Friday 12th August at lunchtime (12pm - 1.30pm) Poets of any age or stage are welcome - bring a poem to share - yours or someone else's.
Keep it alive Christchurch!
Poetry for Pudding
UBS bookshop
University of Canterbury
Friday 12th August
12pm to 1.30pm


Eli said...

damn, i'd just heard of poetry and was planning on attending but now that it's earlier in the day i cannot attend due to work

is catalyst still going on at al's bar? I did a couple poems there in february before heading off around new zealand and didn't hear how it faired in the quake

I'm going to be in christchurch for awhile and would be interested in any more venues that become available, just for fun. i really enjoyed open mic night

Catalyst said...

Hi there Eli! Thanks for dropping by and asking the BIG question. Catalyst's Open Mics have been on hiatus since the EQ as Al's Bar has been inside the cordon and inaccessible. We are awaiting news on this but in the meantime we're getting involved with a cool new poetry gig starting at Beat St Cafe next Thursday 18th August - stay tuned for a full post about this shortly...