Thursday, March 01, 2012

Workshop ALERT- David Gill

This opportunity came through the wire from 
Canterbury Poets Collective.  We are not familiar with David Gill 
or his work so this is not an endorsement, merely passing on the news!

SPOKEN POETRY - for poets. Would you like to: 
• Make your poem come ALIVE? 
• Enchant your audience? 
• Keep their attention so they don’t drift off’? 
• Enjoy the experience whilst eliminating nerves & tension? 
David Gill, a trained actor, Speech & Drama teacher & poet,
will be running a full day workshop on   
Sunday March 11th 
at the Sydenham Room, Christchurch South Library,
Beckenham, 66 Colombo Street, 10am - 4pm. 
Call David on 0275 11 69 94, or email him on 
for more info!

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