Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lyttelton Poets @ Tommy Changs

Those Lyttelton poets are at it again, Andy Coyle, Helen Back, Ciaran Fox, Rebecca Nash and Ben Brown combine with guitar soundscaper Paul Timings for a night of sound and imagery.

On a cold winters night at Tommy Chang's bar on London Street the Lyttelton Poets performed for the first time with Paul Timings, a singer guitarist with a wonderful sense of the atmospheric.
It was a perfect occasion for poetry, great lines flowed freely from spilled bottles, laughter fluttered towards the light and got stuck in crows feet cobwebs, new lovers locked eyes, old lovers dropped smiles, cat calls and heckles threatened to turn into rhyme and even an old sea dog was heard to mutter into a stormy tumbler of scotch, 'it's all bloody good, actually....'

join us again this Labour weekend, as we endeavour to entertain simply with words,
(and the amazing atmospheric guitar soundscapes of Paul Timings... )

Sunday 27th Oct, night before Labour Day,
show starts 8pm
only $5
 venue opens 4pm

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