Friday, April 22, 2016

Call for submissions: MANIFESTO - a political anthology

A new anthology of New Zealand political poetry called Manifesto is to be published by Otago University Press.

Here's the low down from editors Emma Neale and Philip Temple:

MANIFESTO. A political anthology. Call for submissions.

Emma Neale and Philip Temple, as editors, are seeking submissions for Manifesto, an anthology of New Zealand political poetry to be published by Otago University Press early in 2017. Poems may explore anything from prime ministerial power to the price of milk. Subjects covered may be Parliament, the environment, gender issues, political parties, ethnic issues, elections, immigration, religion and power, class, ageism, economics, pressure groups, politicians, the media and much more.

Poems submitted should be no more than 60 lines long and be new or published within the past five years. If they have been published before, please include details with your submission. Poems must be entirely copyright to the submitter. We encourage poets of all ethnicities to send us work, including poems in Te Reo Maori, provided these are accompanied by an English translation. Poems may be in any form or style - satire, lament, eulogy, ballad or conceptual experiment, to give examples.  Poets may submit up to three poems of which one or two may be used. They should be typewritten if sent by mail or attached as a pdf document if emailed. Please include your name and contact details.

The editors will be assisted in their final choice by contributing editors Hinemoana Baker, Diane Brown, Michael Harlow, Vincent O’Sullivan and Brian Turner. The editors’ decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Payment will be in copies of the anthology. Post your submissions to Manifesto, P.O. Box 6292, Dunedin North 9010 OR email them to emma.neale(at) with ‘Manifesto’ in the subject line.

The deadline for acceptance of submissions is 29 April 2016.

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