Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Catalyst Poetry Idol GRAND FINAL - images

Catalyst Poetry Idol 2006
Rebecca Reider

Runner Up 2006: Marissa Johnpillai

3rd place: Sam Warland

4th: Tim Wildermoth

5th: Ricky Madibela


EA said...

Got to say firstly, before going to a few nights of the Poetry Idol and then the final, my eyes were shut to poetry, didn't really do anything for me. But, I do have to say experiencing Poetry Idol has opened them. Language is such a powerful thing, and I must say poetry now rings true.

Keep it up guys! Doc, Cairan, good work!

EA (Tim the camera man from the Ed's documentry)

Catalyst said...

Thanks EA! We can't wait to see the doco too. We think if P-Idol can make poetry fun and get a few more people thinking then bloody great! Hope we see you at the book launch Dec 21.