Thursday, September 21, 2006

Inaugural New Zealand Book Month Launched

We LOVE books. We really do, and not in a sick, perverted way either, so we're proud to support the brand, spanking new NZ Book Month which runs from September 18th to October 15th.

Modelled on the highly successful NZ Music Month which has helped markedly increase the sales of homegrown NZ music, the Book Month version is spearheaded by Booksellers NZ.

From the NZ Book Month website:

We want to celebrate and showcase the brilliant writing talent we have, to support new and upcoming writers in our country, to tap into the pride we feel in our literary landscape and show you that whatever your taste, there’s a fantastic New Zealand book for you. We envisage NZ Book Month to be an annual event, which will grow over time to be a nation-wide festival involving everyone from local communities to the Prime Minister.

We've added a link to the official NZ Book Month website so check it out to see what kind of events are planned and happening all around these shaky isles to celebrate this wonderfully archaic form of mass communication we call books. Actual paper n' stuff, quaint eh?

P.S. We're doing our bit to celebrate NZ books too - by making one! Catalyst 5 is scheduled for release in late October. Showcasing amazing writing and art from around New Zealand and the entire world and published right here in Aotearoa.

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