Monday, December 12, 2011

Beat St Sessions

Last Beat St Session for the year! 

Thurs 15 Dec @ Beat St Cafe,
cnr Barbadoes & Armagh Sts

Doors open 6pm: sign up for the open mic, chat politics & poetics, scribble last-minute lyrics

Live music by Mark Humpage

Poetry from 7pm: open mic poetry plus guest poets Frankie McMillan & Phoebe Wright

$5 if you can

Sunday, December 04, 2011

In Transit book launch media release

In Transit, Book Launch and Catalyst Open Mic Night
Tuesday December 6th, 8pm
entry is FREE
Pegasus Arms Restaurant & Bar
14 Oxford Tce

In Transit is a collection of 100 haiku translated into 11 different languages. The work is inspired by the travels of the internationally published poet Doc Drumheller and also features haiku based on the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan.

“I keep a notebook in my pocket everywhere I go and these are like sketches of the places I’ve been. My intentions for this book were to showcase these poems, but when I returned home from Europe in 2010 the earth shook and changed my worldview”, said Drumheller.

The author will donate all sales of the book to earthquake relief in Christchurch and Japan. Books will be available for sale for $15 at the venue and may be purchased online at:

“I feel a kind of kinship between New Zealand and Japan after we have shared in these experiences and have decided to dedicate and donate all sales of this book to earthquake relief in both countries”, said Drumheller.

In Transit was published in India by and in August/September Doc performed in Allahabad at the Cyberwit offices and also at the Sahitya Akademi in Delhi. “It is a rare opportunity for a foreigner to get to perform poetry in India. It was a great honour for me and also a very humbling experience to see how the people live. When you see such widespread poverty it breaks your heart, but at the same time you are surrounded by so many smiling children approaching you constantly, that it lifts your spirits. This is why India is a land of extreme contrasts”, says Drumheller.

After his travels through India, Doc went on to represent New Zealand at the 2nd Tokyo Poetry Festival & the 6th World Haiku Association Conference 2011. The festival’s Theme was: “With or Without Mythology”

“In a country coping with such adversity, the reality of staging an international gathering of poets, must have been very difficult. However, the dedication to world literature demonstrated by Ban’ya Natsuishi and the World Haiku Association showed just how resilient and courageous the Japanese people are despite the many hardships they have had to endure”, says Drumheller.
“This has been a year of many challenges for the Japanese people, and the fact that the farewell party was held on the 23rd floor of Meiji University Liberty Tower, in a city that has felt a multitude of earthquakes, didn’t seem to matter as everyone clustered to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji in the distance before the sunset”, Drumheller said.

“These bonds of friendship and compassion shared in Tokyo with poets from all over the world have given me a renewed sense of hope and optimism for the future. Thank you very much to the World Haiku Association for this opportunity to reinvigorate my enthusiasm for poetry and the Asia New Zealand Foundation for sponsoring my trip”, says Drumheller.

To read Doc Drumheller’s report and view photos and videos of the festival, visit the festival website: