Sunday, March 29, 2015

Catalyst Open Mic April - featuring Sumit Khanna

Next Catalyst Poetry Open Mic is coming up and we have a special guest - touring poet Sumit Khanna.  Check out his bio below, and the details of the show are:

Catalyst Poetry Open Mic
Tuesday 7th April, 7pm
Twisted Hop, Ferry Rd, Woolston
Koha entry

Sumit Khanna is a storyteller who grew up in United States. In his day job, he was a mild mannered software engineer who spent the days trapped in a cubical. In order to prevent committing cubicide, he left the States in 2012.

He's been living in Wellington for the past two years, where he found himself returning to world of office jobs after running out of money. He was hired by a company with an "open plan" layout, which was like being introduced to a new layer of hell.

Currently Sumit is on the road again, travelling, telling his stories and working on open source software. He is working on things he loves and spreading his stories, as well as gathering new ones. That is until he runs out of money.