Friday, December 15, 2006

Catalyst 5 Preview

Catalyst is 5 issues old/young and like any person, growing up can be a scary time with many questions and seemingly not enough answers to go around. This issue of Catalyst is brought to you in, and dedicated to, the spirit of Peace. In a time of perpetual war (and Orwellian prophecy come true) Poetry and Art must shoulder it's own perpetual burden - that of speaking truths, opening communication and allowing glimpses into what might be possible if we put down the guns.

The feature poet for Catalyst 5 is US poet and peace advocate Sam Hamill. We quote him in the editorial:

“One thing we as poets can do is build stronger intercultural bridges. The better we know and talk with one another, locally and internationally, the more difficult misunderstanding becomes.”

“Inasmuch as our work demands the reinvention of ourselves, we must also thereby reinvent our country. And the world. Imagine a world without war.”

-- Sam Hamill

Sam founded a significant movement called Poets Against War after refusing an invitation to attend a White House function to celebrate "Poetry and the American Voice". As a pacifist, Sam felt he could not in good faith attend in the light of the USA's 'shock and awe' invasion of Iraq and what he sees as poetry's mission to spread international understanding. But instead of merely avoiding a conflict of conscience, Sam called on fellow poets to "reconstitute a Poets Against the War movement like the one organized to speak out against the war in speak up for the conscience of our country and lend your names to our petition against this war”

The 'accidental groundswell' begun by this has seen the establishment of a website and what is now the largest anthology ever published with more than 20,000 poems from every corner of the Earth represented.

Catalyst 5 has endeavoured to uphold this spirit of peaceful international dialogue with our most international issue to date. From the editorial by Doc Drumheller:

This landmark 5th issue of Catalyst celebrates a United Nations of literature in its many forms. With poet and founder of Poets Against War Sam Hamill as feature writer, a haiku sequence from Ban’ya Natsuishi, the President of the World Haiku Association, a selection of Bengali Poets, including prominent Indian poet Prabal Kumar Basu and a special section of poetry from ten Cuban Poets. All this and work from more international writers, cross pollinated with established and emerging voices from all over New Zealand.

Last year I had the honor and great pleasure of participating in the Third Wellington International Poetry Festival with Sam, Ban’ya, Prabal and a cast of fine New Zealand and International poets. Experiencing the poets many voices in English and their native tongues was both stimulating and inspiring. The theme for the festival was Disarmament and Peaceful Dialogue. During the four days we heard many powerful, beautiful and at times extraordinary expressions of peace and poetry. One line that stuck with me was from the Irish poet John Deane, when he said the best way to write an anti war poem is to write a love poem.

So on Thursday 21st December, we at Neoismist Press are proud to present our small contribution to Peaceful Dialogue around the world with the range of voices represented in Catalyst 5. Sam Hamill again:

Poetry is an important bridge. Our poetry absolutely blossomed in the last century, in a very large part thanks to the influence of poetry from all over the world. That cross-pollination is essential to us and to our allied poets abroad. We need to know what every "they" have to say. We need to reaffirm ancient values and the practice of compassion. We need to remind people lost in materialist culture that, yes, poetry matters—just as it always has. Maybe even more, because it crosses boundaries more efficiently than ever before.”

- Sam Hamill

Monday, December 04, 2006

Catalyst volume 5: We Come in Peace

Stay tuned here for sneak previews of Catalyst volume 5, feature articles and other miscellany of an incredibly significant and interesting nature...

Announcing: Catalyst 5 Official Book Launch

Neoismist Press is unbelievably pleased (not to mention relieved) to announce the official launch date for Catalyst volume 5!

There will be a special launch function at the ever-lovin' Wunderbar in Lyttelton for all those located in the Christchurch vicinity on Thursday 21st December at 7pm. It will feature live readings from several poets and writers featured in this issue as well as the familiar ramblings and mellow tones of Catalyst's two editors Doc Drumheller and Ciaran Fox.

So those details again, all nicely laid out for those of you who hate having to read the whole article just to get to the important details:

Catalyst volume 5
Official Launch
Thursday 21st December
7pm, Wunderbar - Lyttelton
(there will also be an open mic following the launchy-thing)

Don'tcha just love making books?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

US poet Namaya @ the Wunderbar 26th November

GOD, SEX & POLITICS (f@$k yeah!)

A small but vocal audience came along on Sunday to see Namaya (and a spectacular sunset) at the Wunderbar. Ably warmed up by our own Doc Drumheller who encouraged the audience to yell "F*#k yeah!" every time the key words for the night: "God", "Sex" or "Politics" were mentioned. Like it or not, he'd created a beast that Namaya enjoyed wrestling with for the rest of the show. Rambling and improvising his way through a set of stories and poems ranging from fearsome Catholic nuns to post-mortem love affairs.

for more info on Namaya see

Monday, October 16, 2006

Namaya - God Sex Politics - solo show world tour

"Namaya is the high wire performance artist of the spoken word scene." M. Horowitz.

Catalyst presents:
world tour 2006
Sunday 26th November
Wunderbar, Lyttelton
doors open 7pm
tickets $10
Fresh from touring the US, Japan, Ireland and now New Zealand, Namaya will make one Christchurch appearance only at the Wunderbar in Lyttelton on Sunday 26th November. Described by The Aquarian as
“…One of the stellar voices of the spoken word scene with his outrageous, bawdy, sensuous stories and vibrant political satire.”
Namaya has performed in leading venues, universities, and clubs in New York and throughout the US since the l970’s.He has been a featured poet at the leading clubs in NYC - Nuyorican Cafe and Bowery Poetry Club, as well as with venues and colleges in the East Coast as a solo artist and with his band the Jazz Beat Blues Poetry Ensemble. He has been published in numerous magazines and has two collections of poetry to his credit: Eros to Godhead and the most recently published GOD SEX POLITICS.

Video and sound samples can be found at and

Namaya & Jazz Beats completed a successful tour of Denmark, Holland, and England at the end of 2005. In 2006 he is taking his GOD SEX POLITICS solo show to various locations throughout the US, including NYC, and internationally to Ireland, Japan, & New Zealand. GOD SEX POLITICS is a mix of political satire, music and video: Amerika Uber Alles; Men of Enron; a bit of love/lust with Necrophilia Blue and Love Junkie; Land Mine Hop; Jazz Detective story, and a mix of other politically incorrect and wry works. Often the audience is astonished and bemused, but delighted. The show is a mix of music, guitar, improvisation and story telling.

Friday, October 13, 2006

October Catalyst Poetry Open Mic

Next open mic for all you live poetry junkies:

Thursday 26th October, 8pm
Wunderbar, Lyttelton

BYO yer poetry, prose, experimental writing, or other flotsam.

I know you want to...

P.S. Stay tuned for Catalyst 5 book launch - now scheduled for November 10 at the good ol' Wunderbar!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sub-Real Urban Myths - Live Storytelling/Music

A.J. Coyle returns with more mythology from the male psyche. On tour in October, appearing at the Dunedin Fringe Festival and a special hometown show at the Harbourlight Theatre in Lyttelton on Sunday 8th October, 8pm.

Story telling and live music at the Dunedin Fringe Festival 2006. SUBREAL URBAN MYTHS is a collaboration between writer and story tellerAndrew Coyle, and the "Discontent" band assembled by younger brother James Coyle. Possesion, ambition, fear / fearlessness, intuition and Power are the generators of 5 male characters in Andrews latest creation for SUBREAL URBAN MYTHS.

"They are stories from under the surface of true life, concentrating on control and personality crystalised in any given thought or gesture, action or reaction" says Andrew citing influences such as David Lynch and William Burroughs in his subreallist storytelling, a concept for live performances he has been working on for four years. The Subreal element is born from improvisations adjacent to the narrative. "Living and writing in Christchurch means I can walk the streets in mystories, pulling out images and faces, tones and feelings." Perfoming with a full live band will embellish and challenge the moods and tone of Andrew's stories, "The intracacies of the sound-track will be improvised, at one moment building to a gut wrenching driving and dissonant industrial ambition and the next moment resolving with a simplistic groove based urban rapture."

The "Discontent" Band are seven Wellington musicians involved in numerous other projects, and are coming together for this event in Dunedin. SUBREAL URBAN MYTHS will be performed over three nights at three differentvenues.

Tues Oct 3rd, at Backstage Bar, 9.30pm
Wed Oct 4th, at Arc Cafe, 9.30pm
Thur Oct 5th, at Refuel, 10.30pm
Sun Oct 8th, at Harbourlight Theatre, Lyttelton, 8pm
All shows will be $7 unwgaed, $10 waged.

Discontent Band Members, and other projects:
Hamish Cardwell (the Night Show)
Willy McClennen (the Night Show)
Ryan Prebble (Spartacus R, Safari, Fly my Pretties, the Ascension Band)
James Coyle (Hikoikoi Reserve, Safari)
Michael Kane (Spartacus R)

Friday, September 22, 2006

Next Catalyst Poetry Open Mic

the mic awaits...
Catalyst Poetry Open Mic
Thursday 5th October, 8pm
Wunderbar, Lyttelton
BYO poetry or performance piece or just hang out with da poets.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Inaugural New Zealand Book Month Launched

We LOVE books. We really do, and not in a sick, perverted way either, so we're proud to support the brand, spanking new NZ Book Month which runs from September 18th to October 15th.

Modelled on the highly successful NZ Music Month which has helped markedly increase the sales of homegrown NZ music, the Book Month version is spearheaded by Booksellers NZ.

From the NZ Book Month website:

We want to celebrate and showcase the brilliant writing talent we have, to support new and upcoming writers in our country, to tap into the pride we feel in our literary landscape and show you that whatever your taste, there’s a fantastic New Zealand book for you. We envisage NZ Book Month to be an annual event, which will grow over time to be a nation-wide festival involving everyone from local communities to the Prime Minister.

We've added a link to the official NZ Book Month website so check it out to see what kind of events are planned and happening all around these shaky isles to celebrate this wonderfully archaic form of mass communication we call books. Actual paper n' stuff, quaint eh?

P.S. We're doing our bit to celebrate NZ books too - by making one! Catalyst 5 is scheduled for release in late October. Showcasing amazing writing and art from around New Zealand and the entire world and published right here in Aotearoa.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Other Idol - Christchurch Writers Festival 2006 - Poetry Idol Special Report

As part of the Christchurch Writers Festival 2006, a biannual event sponsored by The Press, a special one-night-only Poetry Idol event was held.

Riding the surge in interest in performance poetry the 'Festival Idol' was held upstairs in the De Lux Lounge at the Dux de Lux in Christchurch's Arts Centre on Sunday 10th September.

This event differed in format from the annual Poetry Idol that Catalyst hosts at the Wunderbar in that it would be run over three rounds in the one night. 12 poets to be judged by special guest judges would diminish to just 3 in the final round to be judged solely by the audience.

A preliminary workshop/audition was held on the Saturday by host Hot Pink, NZ's internationally recognised comic poet, to whittle the 25 entrants down to the starting dozen.

The all-important judging panel consisted of Iggy McGovern, Ishle Yi Park and our very own Doc Drumheller. The judges were instructed by MC Hot Pink to make 'positive' comments on each of the poet's performances. So Kiwi.

The 'wordy dozen' was as varied as the poetry on offer - the eldest contestant was 91, the youngest in their 20's. The poets performed one poem per round only and were given a 3 minute time limit - 'overstayers' would be cut-off, mid-metaphor. The running order was drawn from a hat. Poetry ensued.

From bush ballads to rap to rugby the poets ran the gamut from angst to rhyme to scatological musings. Heart break, husbands and horrendous body odour. The packed-out De Lux Lounge was left reeling by the end of the 1st round. Several poets were let down by their seeming aversion to the microphone - either by accident or design - it was a mistake as being heard by the audience is kinda the idea when performing spoken word. (We at Catalyst pride ourselves on providing poets with valuable "on-mic' experience & training at our regular open mics, but enough about that!)

Following each round the audience were to be treated to some exhibition performances by the extremely experienced judges. Round 1 saw Doc Drumheller serve up some "Peace a la Carte" with a little side salad from forthcoming book The Reality Myth.

And then the dozen was halved. The six remaining poets were announced by Hot Pink and the order for the next round drawn from a hat. Seemingly age was beating beauty, but only just as the 6 performed their next poems. The judges came in for some unexpected interaction and the audience started to work out their favourites...

Ishle Yi Park stunned the audience with an incredible performance of one of her pieces and was given a rapturous ovation. Next, our hard-working MC announced the final 3 poets who were to progress to the final, audience-judged round. Pleasing from our point of view, two of the finalists were previous Catalyst Poetry Idols - Lindon 'Zimmerman' McCormack and Cris Fulton. The third poet was Colin 'Banjo' Patterson. So it was to be country limericking versus super fast Scottish wit versus wistful yet funny lyricism. The audience made their choice by pencil and slip of paper and as the organisers counted the vote, Iggy McGovern described Irish poetry slams in humourously dubious rhyme.

Hot Pink at last took the microphone to announce the placings to an enthusiatic audience who stayed the distance and seemed to enjoy every minute. And the winner is:

1st place: Colin Patterson
2nd place: Lindon Zimmerman
3rd place: Cris Fulton
The prizes included cash and also hospitality vouchers from the Dux de Lux as well as books from Catalyst and Iggy McGovern.
In the words of some great bard: ah, it was a game of three halves and poetry was definitely up there at the end of the day...

Catalyst Poetry Idol GRAND FINAL - images

Catalyst Poetry Idol 2006
Rebecca Reider

Runner Up 2006: Marissa Johnpillai

3rd place: Sam Warland

4th: Tim Wildermoth

5th: Ricky Madibela

Monday, September 04, 2006

There Can Be Only One...

Poetry Idol 2006

The Grand Final lived up to it's name with standing room only in the Wunderbar. (Perhaps that horse called poetry we've been flogging ain't quite dead?)

As the anticipation built among the audience, the five finalists gathered before the stage for the traditional salute with a shot of Jagermeister and the draw to decide the order of the first set. As per the custom of Poetry Idol's Grand Final the poets would perform their first 3 poems and then after a break (wherein the hardworking audience of judges could quench their thirst) the poets would return in reverse order and perform their second set of 3 poems.

A fabulous array of prizes awaited the poets - no-one would go home empty-handed. All finalists had already won $50 bar tabs from the Wunderbar for winning their heats (handy for impoverished poets to celebrate in style) and a poem to be included in Catalyst 6. As a special surprise they were also given a year's subscription to Catalyst.

This year Poetry Idol received the coveted (and ever changing) Poetry Idol trophy, a $50 grocery voucher from Lyttelton Super Value as well as another $50 bar tab. Runner up received a $20 book voucher from Scorpio Books and a $20 voucher from Lyttelton Super Value. Third Place received an interesting bottle of wine courtesy of the Wunderbar A six pack for 4th (a beer for each poem!) and 5th received an industrial sized can of whole tomatoes and a small straw... all courtesy of the Wunderbar

Fabulous Prizes!

The poetry ran the gamut from epic diatribes, acapella song, political rant, new age symbolism to rap and feminism. And speaking of epic feminism a word must be said about the dynamic duo of co-hosts (us) who did their best to whip the audience into a frenzy of bloodlusting, poet-burning fervour. Alas, no poets were harmed in the making of Poetry Idol but do we know how to waffle on or what?!! Making a meal fit for a giant can of tomatoes, Doc and Kez announced the results after a vibrant open mic consisting of last years runner up, calypso singing and some earlier Idol contestants. And now, drum roll please...

The Results

Poetry Idol 2006 - Rebecca Reider

Runner Up - Marissa Johnpillai

3rd Place - Sam Warland

4th - Tim Wildermoth

5th - Ricky Madibela

Photos to follow!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And then there were 5...

Poetry Idol Grand Final - where the rubber meets the road.

Rounds 3, 4 & 5 were close fought affairs with plenty of drama, humour and a fair amount of paper dart throwing. Several poets came for a second and sometimes third attempt to make the final 5 and the competition was fierce. More photos are below of Rounds 4 & 5 but here is the list of the 5 brave poets who'll step up to the mic this week on August 31st.

Rebecca Reider
Ricky Madibela
Marissa Johnpillai
Tim Wildermoth
Sam Warland

The stakes are raised as the poets must perform twice with 3 poems in each set - so the audience can separate the one-hit-wonders from the true Poetry Idol.

To those who are about to recite, we salute you...

Poetry Idol Round 5 - Images

1st place: Sam Warland

Rob Meredith

2nd place: Ben (again!)

Helen Yong

3rd place: Suzanna

Open Mic Special Guest: Poetry Idol 2004 Lindon McCormack

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Poetry Idol Round 3 - Images

1st place: Marissa Johnpillai 2nd place: Ben Brown
3rd place: Barbara Strang
With many thanks to Pip for the photos.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Last Call for Bravado International Poetry Competition

The deadline looms for the 3rd Bravado International Poetry Competition, 2006, which will be judged by Tony Beyer this year. The closing date is - 31st August - so if you want to have a go, you'd better get yourself organised.

You can request an entry form from or send SSAE to Kaye Hubner
Competition Secretary
PO Box 13 533 Grey Street

A generous number of prizes - 1st $500, 2nd $250, 3rd $100 and 10 Highly Commended prizes of $50 each. Poems must be the original work of the entrant, previously unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere. There's a limit of 40 lines for each poem, and the entry fee is $5 a poem, or $10 for three entries.

Winners will be notified by post, but other entrants will receive a copy of the results only if they send an SSAE with their entry. Results will be published online at and along with the winning poems in Bravado 8. Bravado 7 is on sale now. Check out cover and contents on the website.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Scorpio Rises to the occasion!

We are very pleased and proud to announce the support of one of Aotearoa's finest bookstores Scorpio Books in Christchurch for Poetry Idol 2006. Scorpio is providing the runners up in each of the five rounds with a $20 voucher - excellent! Imagine the treasures that await you in Scorpio Books - like Catalyst, for example... better yet, follow the link above and you can search for any book you like and if it's available they'll find it for you.

As in previous years, the Wunderbar is sponsoring Poetry Idol as the official venue and atmosphere provider, the Wunderbar is also providing a bar tab to each round winner - that's almost reason enough to enter - free drinks at the best bar in Christchurch!

Poets with enough sand can also volunteer to be thrashed by kez on the foosball table.

Poetry Idol - brought to you by the letter R!

Ricky roared and (w)riggled into the audience's favour while Rosemary relied on regaling the audience with the 'vibe'.

Round Two is complete and while we always say to expect the unexpected, no-one foresaw the two poet head-to-head that we had last night.

Round One on Thursday 27th July was a bustling affair with nearly a full entry card and some pretty fierce action. Eventually the audience's favourite was revealed and Rebecca Reider became the first finalist to add her name to the golden list for the Grand Final.

Round Two as mentioned was a strange one as a small but vocal audience watched just two poets vie for the next place on the list. Rosemary Scott and Ricky Madibela went head to head while the supportive audience cheered them on. So on a night where no-one went home without a prize, Ricky Madibela was the winner and the next poet to go through to the Grand Final on August 31, while Rosemary vowed revenge and stating her intent to re-enter the next round - look out!

Is there something about the letter R?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Return of Catalyst Poetry Idol

... just when you thought it was safe to go back on the open mic...

WANTED: Poets with a stout heart, fierce, fearless and, where appropriate, balls of steel...

ALSO WANTED: Audience - must be prepared to judge, fair or harsh with a good ear and a light heart.

Oh yes you better believe it, Poetry Idol makes it's wintery way back to the Wunderbar for more literary hijinks, heartbreak n' hilarity. Last year the mic was furiously fought over by a whole horde of poets and the mighty Cris Fulton swept the stage and claimed the title (and a small wooden windmill trophy).

Who will it be this time? Do you have what it takes? Or do you want to be among the judges?

We want to see blood on the microphone! Tears before bedtime!

It's Catalyst's Poetry Idol: be prepared to entertain, stimulate, provoke, or move. Literally.


Round One: Thursday 27th July, 8pm
Round Two: Thursday 3rd August, 8pm
Round Three: Thursday 10th August, 8pm
Round Four: Thursday 17th August, 8pm
Round Five: Thursday 24th August, 8pm
Grand Final: Thursday 31st August, 8pm - featuring the five round winners in a knockdown, drag out, no-holds-barred, deathmatch!

Registration for each round starts at 8pm, first 10 poets only. As always the audience is the judge, jury (and maybe even executioners...)

We expect to see you ALL there. Yes, (wait for it) you know you want to

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Metamorphosis of Whakaraupo

change - process - ownership

Storytelling & Poetry LIVE - this week!

As well as the infamous, incredible, often indescribable Catalyst Open Mic this week we are pleased to announce a double dose of literary lava for all you lit-heads out there in Christchurch.

Metamorphosis of Whakaraupo
by Andrew Coyle
Friday 30th June, 7.30pm
She Cafe, Governors Bay
also featuring poetry by:
Ciaran Fox
Doc Drumheller
music by:
Karma Suits Ya
photography/visuals by:
Ciaran Fox
Entry is FREE
Andrew Coyle is a writer of short stories and novels described as 'sub-realism'. In 1997 he embarked upon writing a four part novel series, Ecstatic, Bacchic, Frantic, Fanatic. The first three novels in this series have been independently published and distributed by the author. The final novel has become a stand alone project and is currently undergoing a determined editing process. Metamorphosis of Whakaraupo is part of Andrew's ongoing improvised storytelling project.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Next Catalyst Poetry Open Mic

Aw yeah! They just keep getting better and better!

Have you been missing out on the action? Better get along to the next one:

Thursday 29th June, 8pm
Wunderbar, Lyttelton

If you're not in NZ, well, we won't hold it against you.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Catalyst Volume 5 update

Right. Milestones and all that. What is it about the number 5? People love 5 year plans, 5 times champions, 5 year anniversary, Issue number 5. So no pressure on us at all, really.

Selection is almost complete for volume 5 and we are rapidly heading into pre-production on the issue. At this stage we are aiming for a June launch in Christchurch.

So what about the tidbits of gossip, teasers and previews? Well, I can tell you that Volume 5 will feature two international feature sections of poetry and a significant international poet as feature writer. We'll be focussing on some of that in more detail right here on the website very soon.

Catalyst Spoken Word Series volume 2 - The CD

It is looking like the next Catalyst Spoken Word Series will be available with Volume 6 of Catalyst later in the year and we are still open for submissions of recordings from poets everywhere. Remember that your submission must be on CD and feature just your voice. If you have original music to accompany your spoken word please include this as a separate track on the CD.

NOTE: you MUST absolutely, unquestionably and completely have the clearance rights for your music to be used in this way and included on a compilation CD. Written confirmation of this MUST be included with your submission if you send music.

We reserve the right to add original music and edit your recording to suit. Rest assured we will not distort you or your poem beyond recognition but if you are not OK with this kind of editing please do not submit. We do not send approval versions out to submitters. If you're wondering what it may actually turn out like, you can contact us directly for a copy of the Catalyst Spoken Word Series volume 1 CD for an idea of just how groovy it will be. Volume 1 of the CD has so far drawn wide interest and appreciation for it's innovation and quality and has received radio play on several NZ stations.

Friday, April 21, 2006


The next Catalyst Live Poetry open mic is

Thursday 27th April, 8pm.
at the Wunderbar, Lyttelton.

Be there or not be there. That is the suggestion.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Brrrr here comes winter - quick! huddle 'round our volcano...

Well sadly we've waved goodbye to our summer season of readings (cue big sighs) but fret not! We now have our winter series planned to warm the cockles (whatever they are) of your heart.

Live Poetry lives on at the Wunderbar!

Catalyst is unabashedly pleased to announce the timetable for our chilly season of poetry open mic readings - here's the formula (take notes, there'll be a test):

Live Poetry!
LAST Thursday of every month at the Wunderbar, Lyttelton 8pm SHARP!

And guess what? Sometime in July or August we'll be repeating the fabulously successful Poetry Idol competition. Wanna see poets beat each other about the head with similies? Maybe you just wanna make 'em cry? Then Poetry Idol is your bag, baby... stay tuned!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Next Catalyst Poetry Open Mic

Yup. Going strong in the middle of our volcano - open mic at the Wunderbar, Lyttelton.

Thursday 30th March, 8pm Wunderbar, Lyttelton

There's a link at the side all about the Wunderbar and where it is if you've never been before (if you live in Christchurch and fall into this category - shame on you!)
Bring your poetry, experimental or whatever you like and share it with an audience. Meet other writers and generally carouse to your heart's content.

yes, you definitely know you want to...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Celebrating Arts in the Community

Well it's been some time since our last update but it's taken me this long to struggle up to the surface from under the weight of submissions we're currently reading. Love that. Also the performance nights have swung into action again but we're still looking for all those writers out there to come and lively them up. If you're in our neck of the woods why not check it out? It's a great way to let us preview your writing if you want to submit to the mag or even be on the next CD. But mostly it lets you get your work out there to an often bemused, stunned and sometimes even interested audience. Anyway, the dates are in the previous post and I can also add that it is ongoing fortnightly beyond those dates...

Creative Communities & Christchurch Community Arts Council

These two organisations are instrumental in not only the publication of Catalyst but the activities and projects of many artists and groups in Christchurch. They have been stalwart supporters of Catalyst - we love them and want to have their babies.

They are hosting a celebration event this week for all the groups and projects they support. The Catalyst Crew are representing with noneother than Doc Drumheller, Jody Lloyd and Myself performing poetry in honour of the groups' support of Catalyst.

If you'd like to see the plethora of projects supported by Christchurch taxpayers via these wonderful groups and be entertained by some amazing performance (followed by the poetry - heh!) come along to:

Phillip Carter Auditorium in the Christchurch Art Gallery, Thursday 9th March, 7.30pm.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Next Catalyst Poetry Performances

Yes it's time to shake out those holiday period accumulations and get back on that horse. We're riding back into town and we're taking no prisoners...

Catalyst Poetry nights: Operation Shock and Awe - more weapons of mass construction than you can shake an American at. Coming soon to the Wunderbar, Lyttelton.

Next Dates:

Thursday 2nd February
Thursday 16th February
Thursday 2nd March
Thursday 16th March
all starting at 8pm

All welcome - BYO poetry - open mic applies.

Don't be shy - you know you want to.


Yes the deadline loometh but there is still time - we're not inflexible with our dates! We are looking for works of poetry, prose, fiction, experimental writing, excerpts from scripts or screenplays etc. Also: recordings of spoken word for our CD (clean - without music - we'll handle that!) and proposals from visual artists for inside covers etc. (B&W and colour).

Seize this opportunity to be considered for our milestone 5th issue!

Our address and submission guidelines are over there in the sidebar. PLEASE FOLLOW THEM - failure to do so may exclude you from consideration.

If you havn't got your copy of the landmark Catalyst 4 yet, why not write to us and subscribe - we deliver! Back issues are available but stocks are running out and we won't be reprinting so be in quick.