Monday, September 04, 2006

There Can Be Only One...

Poetry Idol 2006

The Grand Final lived up to it's name with standing room only in the Wunderbar. (Perhaps that horse called poetry we've been flogging ain't quite dead?)

As the anticipation built among the audience, the five finalists gathered before the stage for the traditional salute with a shot of Jagermeister and the draw to decide the order of the first set. As per the custom of Poetry Idol's Grand Final the poets would perform their first 3 poems and then after a break (wherein the hardworking audience of judges could quench their thirst) the poets would return in reverse order and perform their second set of 3 poems.

A fabulous array of prizes awaited the poets - no-one would go home empty-handed. All finalists had already won $50 bar tabs from the Wunderbar for winning their heats (handy for impoverished poets to celebrate in style) and a poem to be included in Catalyst 6. As a special surprise they were also given a year's subscription to Catalyst.

This year Poetry Idol received the coveted (and ever changing) Poetry Idol trophy, a $50 grocery voucher from Lyttelton Super Value as well as another $50 bar tab. Runner up received a $20 book voucher from Scorpio Books and a $20 voucher from Lyttelton Super Value. Third Place received an interesting bottle of wine courtesy of the Wunderbar A six pack for 4th (a beer for each poem!) and 5th received an industrial sized can of whole tomatoes and a small straw... all courtesy of the Wunderbar

Fabulous Prizes!

The poetry ran the gamut from epic diatribes, acapella song, political rant, new age symbolism to rap and feminism. And speaking of epic feminism a word must be said about the dynamic duo of co-hosts (us) who did their best to whip the audience into a frenzy of bloodlusting, poet-burning fervour. Alas, no poets were harmed in the making of Poetry Idol but do we know how to waffle on or what?!! Making a meal fit for a giant can of tomatoes, Doc and Kez announced the results after a vibrant open mic consisting of last years runner up, calypso singing and some earlier Idol contestants. And now, drum roll please...

The Results

Poetry Idol 2006 - Rebecca Reider

Runner Up - Marissa Johnpillai

3rd Place - Sam Warland

4th - Tim Wildermoth

5th - Ricky Madibela

Photos to follow!

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