Saturday, November 09, 2013

Christchurch Poetry Slam - the results!

Well, we did it!  Pulled off a very fun night at very short notice and congratulations to all the poets who joined in the fun and the fun audience who joined in all the poetry.  The biggest thank you to Andy Coyle (previous ChCh Slam Team member) for getting us all together and making it happen

Eight courageous poets took to the microphone at Tommy Chang's bar in Lyttelton, attempting to impress the (rather hard to please) audience judges.  In the end it was a close affair between the final three (special mention to Stephen Estall who excluded himself in the final round in an amazing blaze of glory!)

The top three were:

Slam Champ: Phoebe Wright
Runner up: Kimberley Holmes
2nd Runner up: Andrew Clarke

So Phoebe Wright successfully defended her crown as Christchurch Slam Champion, the first time anyone has done this in our history of both Poetry Idol and NZ Poetry Slam.

Congratulations again to our top three.  The NZ Poetry Slam Final is tonight in Wellington, we wish Phoebe and Kimberley good words and good luck as they take on NZ's best.

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